Microscopy & Microanalysis Tool Kit  

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General Functions

   Elemental Parameter Tables
   NTRANS - Spectral File
         Format Translator

XEDS Functions
   XEDS Parameters
   XEDS Detector Efficiency
   XEDS Detector Solid Angle - Aug 2013
   NEDQuant XEDS Program

General Information
These are Tools which I find useful in day-to-day R&D tasks. Basically I am converting parts of my old Microscopy & Microanalysis software library into a platform independent code using Perl, PHP, Java and/or JavaScript so that I can use the code where ever I am working. Warning some of the older JAVA base code runs only on old Browsers or you will need to install Java on your Desktop. I will slowly convert all these to non-Java Implementations.

Nothing on this site is in a final form and the programs are continuously evolving, and being "debugged". The version number of each program incorporates the date of the last update in case your interested. Updates will happen as I get to them, but since the programs run as java applet's these updates are immediately available to everyone using the code. I would appreciate reports of problems and/or errors (Email) and of course comments on making things better and/or more generally useful.

Remember, you must be running a Java/Javascript compatible Browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari. I have no intention of supporting Internet Explorer

-- Nestor --

Microscopy Functions
   Energy To WaveLength Calculator Aug - 2013
   Contrast Transfer Function
   Crystallography Calculator

EELS Functions

   EELS Parameters
   NTLambda Aug - 2013
    EELS Mean Free Path
   NELQuant EELS Program

    = On-Line and Operational
    = Off-Line or Not Ready for Prime Time
TPM Project

   TelePresence Observation: Laboratory and Data Monitor's